Wizard Kingdoms

For centuries, the Wizard Kingdoms lived mostly in peace, though wars would occasionally break out. Each of the Kingdoms was ruled by a powerful caster, generally arcane, though each was granted a powerful mantle upon attaining his throne. An unspoken rule existed among the rulers, that none would seek immortality, which they all held to throughout the centuries. Five hundred years ago, the Magus of Prentil, today known as Castor the Cursed, sought the immortality of lich-dom. This caused a major rift among all the Kingdoms, some supporting him, others opposing him. A war erupted, growing larger and more brutal as time passed. After more than twenty years of war, a final battle saw the last of the Wizard Kings fall in epic battle between each other.


Dwarven Hegemony – loose alliance, to the outside, of all lands ruled by dwarves

Forests of Renewal – nation of elves and others devoted to nature

Purple Lords – nation of half-elves, bordering the Elven Forests to the east

Isles of Corentia – gnomish islands in the Corentia Sea

Prentil – most powerful of the kingdoms west of the Forests of Renewal

Calmyr – western-most of the kingdoms, the north border of the Corentia Sea

Lords of the Sands – most insular of the kingdoms, actually consisting of five micro-kingdoms, making up the souther border of the Corentia Sea, to the north of the Great Desert

Mantore – larger of two islands off the north coast of the main land

Alba – smaller of two islands off the north coast

Empire of the Sands – largest of the kingdoms, is the south eastern-most of the kingdoms, borders the Lords of the Sands to the east, stretches to the Barrier Mountains in the west

Trincal – makes up a large peninsula in the center of the Corentia Sea

The Marches – large section of land made up of five marches, stretching from the eastern border with the Purple Lords, and north of the Empire of the Sands


Confederation of Cities – loose collection of city-states, stretching most of the center of the main land. Small kingdoms rise and fall periodically within the Confederation, while internal warfare is rife among the city-states. Most of Trincal, Isles of Corentia, Alba, Mantore, and the Purple Lords are now part of this.

Calmyr – claims to be the last of the true Wizard Kingdoms, though it has lost its mantle of power. Brought in the bordering dwarven clans with the fall of the Dwarven Hegemony. Most of its lands are intact, though portions have wild and null magic.

The Wasteland – large portions of Prentil now lie destroyed, with null magic, random magic, and Arcane Storms that rage across it occasionally.

Lands of Light – after the war ended, the Empire of the Sands turned its back on magic, swearing all types of arcane magic to be heresy. Has expanded to claim remaining sections of the Marches.

Blasted North – most of the Marches are forever frozen, making only the hardiest of people able to survive.

Great Desert – the lands belonging to the Lords of the Sands now lie buried in the sands of the Great Desert, with only nomads traveling among the ruins.

Wizard Kingdoms

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