High Kingdom of Aleria

A large Kingdom comprised of five smaller nations who became subservient through either war or alliance. For countless generations, all the component kingdoms lived in harmony together, and the culture and magic of Aleria was envied throughout the world, until the Collapse.

Aleria – located in the heartland, the first and most powerful of the kingdoms, the High King was also king of Aleria.

Coalition – located on the entire western seaboard, it was composed of the elven nation of Selwyn, the dwarven settlements in the Thorbardin mountains, the mysterious Desert Riders of the Arrakeen Plains, and humans, it is the most diverse. Was always allied with Aleria, and became the first nation to swear fealty.

Academs – located in the northeast of the continent, a long standing ally of Aleria, it was actually the last to swear fealty, even though it assisted in wars against the Brotherhood and Corsairs. The vast majority of wizards and sorcerers have settled here for the vast libraries. Over the years, this has caused magic to be very common.

Brotherhood of Steel – located in the central southern plains and mountains

Corsairs – located in the southest and islands of the Mbisi Sea

High Kingdom of Aleria

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